Collection: Princeton Popcorn Company - Direct from the Farmer

Farmer Bob says, "Quality starts in the field". That is why his "One Farmer, One Field™" process leaves him in control of quality at every step. He plants the seeds, raises the crop, and then harvests. After that, he conditions the popcorn to get it to the perfect moisture percentage. Then he cleans and sorts the popcorn to achieve a very consistent size and color profile. This results in a discard of 15% of the harvest but don't worry; he feeds the cull popcorn to his hogs so nothing goes to waste. 

Butterfly compared to Mushroom
It is important to note that this variety is almost exactly the opposite of our Mushroom variety. The Mushroom variety is yellow corn, pops big, and has a substantial texture with a distinct taste. The Mushroom has larger and more hulls than the Butterfly. Our Butterfly is a white popcorn that pops smaller, has virtually no hulls remaining after popping, and has a delicious and delicate taste and an almost creamy mouth feel. 

Our popcorn is 100% Non-GMO, Gluten-Free as well as Peanut and Soy free.